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Times are tough for George, no doubt. He's a middle class, middle-aged, straight, white man. What a lot in life! George is on a madcap journey to find what he desires most - a gentle touch, a glance of recognition, and a true female embrace. But just when everything is within his reach, all goes topsy turvy. George is thrown into a turmoil of desire, fear, loss, love, anger, relief, birth and death, turning his inside out and his upside down.

'Absolutely reliable!' is a sinister, rollicking tale about the down and dark sides of menkind and about what remains after the fall. Inspired by Beckett's 'Worstward Ho' and Gogol's 'Diary of a Madman', this piece is the result of a highly intense collaboration between Lee Delong as director and Ralf as performer about the inner worlds of  modern men. When the mask hit Ralf in one of Lee's Clown workshops, it had transformative power over Ralf's physicality and mind. Under the careful and provoking hand of Lee, the meltdown between the mask and Ralf revealed archetypical and deeply engraved anxieties, frustrations, traumas, desires and illusions of white males in the western world. 

The topic of male vulnerability and unreleased aggression beneath the struggle for finding ground in identity construction is extremely timely. The rising call for practiced mundane equality puts men under an enormous pressure to move and change, while there is hardly any safe land in sight to rely on. However, this piece seems as much as timely as beneficial for a world that is enormously restrictive for literally all genders.

Impressions from George's last shows

May 2019, Opening of the DOK Festival, Gent: What an experience on smallest stage of the world - 2x2m in a container. We all were on the boundary between intimacy and intimidation. Intense!

Ralf 01.jpg
Ralf 02.jpg

 February 2019, Tinnenpot Theatre Gent: what a wonderfully light and cheerful evening!

 pics by  Benny De Grove, Stefan Herdinuis & Matthieu Bedoiseau

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