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"The clowns appear when the leaders get out of hands ..."

We are in trouble!

This quote stems from Indigenous Americans, and it seems to contain a whole lot of truth. The clown today is more present than ever. S/he can be found in refugee camps in Lesbos, in management trainings at Harvard or even in the midst of conflict at G7 meetings. The clown seems to be one of the last figures people trust  to provide hope, empathy, and - most of all - human connection in a world where all of this is broadly lacking.

About us

"Clown up your life!" is an initiative aiming to introduce the mind- and skill sets of the theatre clown to mundane life, especially wherever human connection is at risk. "Clown up your life!" is part of a broader initiative of a group of artists, researchers and leaders grouped around Ralf Wetzel, Associate Professor of Organization and Applied Arts at Vlerick Business School in Belgium, to employ art-based methods outside of the theatre to support the development of human connection. Here you can find  more information about Ralf, his solo mask show and his clown blog

Coming soon!

Soon, there will be more on display about initiatives and interventions.


If you would like to receive more information, or if you want to support or partner up with us, please

get in touch with us, we are very much looking forward to clown you in!!

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